Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tip 2: Let's move the conversation forward...

In our first issue, we outlined the business case for all healthcare leaders to take on the role of Coach+Leader:

1.  Patients expect us to work as teams.
2.  Patient centered teams need a coach.
3.  Every leader must have a coaching role.

While many of you noted the simplicity of these points and the clear purpose it offered, a number of you asked us to get a little more definitive about what being a Coach+Leader actually feels like and accomplishes. 

Tip 2:  Let's move the conversation forward...

When we as executives, physicians and nurse leaders focus on our role as coaches, we help our teams solve problems together more effectively, which directly impacts care. And it all begins with acting like a coach.

Think of a coach who had an impact on you? What attributes did he or she demonstrate that you now admire? The positive approach "your" coach shared with you plays an even more important role in the ultimate team sport, healthcare. On the field, good coaches know how to help their team perform at optimum levels, but in healthcare, working at optimum levels hinges on our ability to solve problems together as teams. And as leaders, it's our primary objective to direct our people toward that end.

Trusted CardIn healthcare, although it begins with leaders, I've seen the tremendous gains made when physicians begin to treat all of their relationships as coaching opportunities. Here's an example of a "coachable moment". A client recently reported that one of their physicians defused a disruptive conversation between a fellow physician and a staff member by showing him his T.R.U.S.T.E.D. card as an informal reminder. By referring to this coaching tool, he prompted his colleagues to think about their organizational role as a Patient Centered Problem Solving Team, prompting the conversation to shift toward, "What matters most to their patients?"

Bottom line: Coach+Leaders improve team performance by helping everyone understand their role. To request a Coach+Leader card simply reply to this email and visit us on Facebook to share your thoughts.

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