Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tip 15: Your personal mission...

Your personal mission...

homework eating catYOU may or may not be the CEO, but your leadership permeates all levels of the organization.

YOU are a leader that has the most impact on care not because you are better at your job, but because you help others see the role they can play to improve care.

YOU are respected by your peers not because you have all the answers, but by the questions you ask that ensure patient centered decisions.

YOUR conversations result in a perspective that others value, and your actions make teamwork possible.

YOU are not interested in people following or being accountable to you, but insist everyone is accountable to the patient.

YOU know that a good team needs a good coach and that's what you are.

YOUR ability to connect and build trusting relationships throughout your team is a core competency that reaches each and every patient.

YOUR chief objective is to create change that benefits all patients.

YOU know that change is contingent on providing context to others, and for each problem you help solve, you play a central role in creating a shared perspective that empowers your team to act.

YOUR leadership practice is easy for your team to emulate because its based on what matters most to patients.

YOU inquire, listen, and take the time to understand what challenges others, and offer clarity and set direction to discover each issue's root cause.

YOU are always open to alternative views, yet you guide decision making and influence others by putting what matters most to patients as the starting point of every solution.

YOU know that coaching your team to align their roles based on what matters most to patients is the only way to create a Patient Accountable Culture.

Tip 15: The context you need to lead

The list above isn't a work of fiction or a description of some fictional hero. It's a description of a healthcare leader like you, that answered the question, "What business am I in?" This answer is for all of us and offers the context we need as leaders to ensure we have the most impact on our patients. I originally wrote this description to help create a character in my book "Heroes Need Not Apply". It's simply a culmination of common wisdom and attributes that I see in a lot of the leaders I have the privilege to work with each and every day. I hope listing out all of these positive attributes on one page helps to give you the clarity needed to bring these attributes out in you.

We're in the business of giving patients what matters to them, and as leaders, helping our staffs to bring patient accountability into all of their decisions. Consider reading it again, take all of it or just part of it, make it your personal mission statement, etc... Not because I'm asking you to follow it, but because your patients are.

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