Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bedside Trust and Coach Training Alliance form partnership

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Seattle, Washington, March 5, 2013/PR Newswire/-- The Bedside Trust, a nationally recognized healthcare consultancy specializing in medical leadership and building Patient Accountable Cultures for healthcare systems is pleased to announce they have selected Coach Training Alliance (CTA) as a strategic education partner. This partnership enables The Bedside Trust and CTA to equip a greater number of physicians, nursing and clinical leaders with essential coaching tools required for improved patient experience and quality of care. This collaboration is in response to a growing need for medical leadership, most notably physicians, to focus on the coaching specific leadership skills that have become increasingly relevant to improving team and organizational performance.

"Our medical leadership solutions have always emphasized coaching tools to ensure physicians, nurses and other clinical leaders are best positioned to lead teams and have the most impact on care", notes Brian Wong, M.D., CEO of The Bedside Trust. "Our partnership with CTA, deepens our commitment to helping our current clients and leaders in our industry become more adept at coaching." Dr. Wong cited that CTA's executive team and faculty were uniquely qualified for healthcare. CTA's CEO, Chis Osborn, is the current Vice Chair of UC Health and is the Past Chair of Poudre Valley Health System. Dave Kruger, M.D., serves as the Dean of Curriculum for CTA, and is a former a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine.

"Brian Wong, M.D. added, "We are encouraged that more hospital systems are realizing the benefits of coaching education as a core component of their physician and nursing leadership solutions. Having spent over 30 years as a physician and medical director the most important leadership lessons I've learned is that patients expect us to work as teams, today's care teams need us to lead as coaches of a team, and together the Bedside Trust and CTA are providing the coaching abilities our hospitals and patients require.

Chris Osborn, CEO of CTA added, "There is arguably no industry that faces as much fundamental and structural change as healthcare in the coming decade. Working with Bedside Trust provides us an opportunity to make this change more effective, more transparent and ultimately more human for the patients whose care is at the center of what everyone hopes to achieve.  The application of core coaching skills by medical leaders will ensure higher levels of engagement, communication and adaption providing not only higher levels of quality care but a higher appreciation for that care by the patient. Ultimately, we are talking about unleashing the capability of teams to save lives and raise the bar for patient centered care.  Coaching skills have been noticeably absent to the patient centered care discussion and application- we look to change that."

"We are excited to be working with The Bedside Trust and innovating the coaching solutions that clinical leaders need to focus on their role as coaches. As physicians, Dr. Wong and myself, have a first-hand understanding of the expanded role physicians and clinical leaders are being asked to play to improve care daily. By incorporating the tools, methods, and principles of coaching into their practice, healthcare professionals are better equipped to collaborate with their colleagues, lead staff more effectively and deliver higher quality care without adding more to their already full workload.

Together, The Bedside Trust and CTA are offering a series of coaching tools that provide medical leadership with essential and practical coaching education specifically designed to improve leadership effectiveness and generate substantial patient value.

For more information please contact: Jonathan Long - Managing Partner, The Bedside Trust at by email at or by phone at 206-619-8088

About Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance is a global leader in coach and leadership training and proud to be leading change in the healthcare with its Medical Leadership education programs.   CTA has trained and certified over 6,500 coaches in 13 countries over the last twelve years using its ICF credentialed, distance delivered model of co-creative change.  Coach Training Alliance is a collection of the finest educators, mentors, coaches, and facilitators in the profession of coaching. Over the last decade CTA have assembled a team of proven faculty that are today the leaders in their fields.  CTA offers a full range of coach training curriculums including Human Capital Coaching, Certified Coach Program, Social and Emotional Intelligence education programs.

For more information regarding CTA please call (303) 991 0388 ext 4. and/or visit their website at

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